Security “One Pagers” from ASDWA 2010 Member Meeting

These eight one page documents were included as “background” and “supplemental” materials to the drinking water security presentations made during ASDWA’s 2010 Member Meeting (March 16-18).  By title and topic, the “one pagers” include:

Roadmap to a Secure & Resilient Water Sector and All Hazard Consequence Management Planning

Successful State-EPA Relationships:  Sponsoring State Exercises for the Water Sector

Community-Based Water Resiliency

EPA’s Water Laboratory Alliance:  Benefiting State Drinking Water Agencies and Laboratories

EPA Method Development for Water Security:  Supporting State Laboratory Response to Water Contamination Events

EPA’s Water Contaminant Information Tool (WCIT): Benefiting States and Utilities

Climate Ready Water Utilities Working Group

Water Utility Climate Change Awareness and Risk Assessment Tool

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