Protective Security Advisors: Bringing Local Perspective to a National Effort


Physical or cyber attacks against the Nation’s critical infrastructures and key resource sectors can have cascading and devastating effects on our national security, economic vitality, and way of life.  Every day, we rely on the efficient and economic operation of the Nation’s power stations, chemical plants, transportation systems, and other critical infrastructure assets and systems for essential goods, services, and daily necessities.

With roughly 85% of all critical infrastructures and key resource assets owned privately, the Department of Homeland Security recognizes that its core mission to secure America can only be accomplished in partnership with the businesses that own these assets and with the state governments and local communities within which these assets are located. 

Protective Security Advisors: Providing Community-Based Support

To better partner with state governments, local communities, and businesses, the Department of Homeland Security is placing a cadre of highly-experienced security specialists in neighborhoods throughout the country to assist local efforts to protect critical assets and provide a local perspective to the national risk picture. 

With an average of 20 years of anti-terrorism and security experience, these dedicated critical infrastructure and vulnerability assessment experts, or Protective Security Advisors, are recruited from, live, and work in your communities.  They provide a Federally-funded resource to communities and businesses to assist in the protection of critical assets.

The role of the Protective Security Advisor is to:

  • Support the development of the national risk picture by assisting in identifying, assessing, monitoring, and minimizing risk to critical assets at the local or district level
  • Facilitate, coordinate, and/or perform vulnerability assessments for local critical infrastructures and key resources
  • Upon request, assist with security efforts coordinated by state Homeland Security Advisors

The Value of This Program to You

Protective Security Advisors are Federally-funded infrastructure protection resources for your communities.  They provide a number of valuable services and functions, including:

  • Assisting in and supporting comprehensive risk and physical/technical security analyses
  • Providing guidance on established security practices
  • Conveying local concerns and sensitivities to the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal agencies
  • Communicating requests for Federal protection training and exercises
  • Providing reach-back capability to the Department of Homeland Security or other Federal government resources
  • Providing local context and expertise to the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that community resources are used appropriately, efficiently, and effectively

The link below connects to the DHS PSA brochure.

Download the Brochure HERE.


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