US Cyber Consequences Unit Research Institute

Here’s another resource for states to use in your work with water systems on cyber security issues. 

The U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit (US-CCU) is an independent, non-profit (501c3) research institute.  It provides assessments of the strategic and economic consequences of possible cyber-attacks and cyber-assisted physical attacks.  It also investigates the likelihood of such attacks and examines the cost-effectiveness of possible counter-measures.

 Although the US-CCU aims to provide credible estimates of the costs of ordinary hacker mischief and white collar crime, its primary concern is the sort of larger scale attacks that could be mounted by criminal organizations, terrorist groups, rogue corporations, and nation states.

 The reports and briefings the US-CCU produces are supplied directly to the government, to entire critical infrastructure industries, and to the public.  The US-CCU does not do any private or commercial work.  The US-CCU’s products are all made available for free.  The only limitations on their release are those due to security considerations.  The mission of the US-CCU is to provide America and its allies with the concepts and information necessary for making sound security decisions in a world where our physical well-being increasingly depends on cyber-security.  Here’s the link to learn more:


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