Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment: Four Case Studies of Water Utility Practices Available for Public Comment

The August 23 Federal Register contains notice of a new public comment period for the above named document.  The comment period closes on October 7, 2010.  The excerpt below contains more information, but to read the complete notice, go to

SUMMARY: EPA is announcing a 45-day public comment period for the draft document titled, ‘‘Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment: Four Case Studies of Water Utility Practices’’ (EPA/600/R–10/077a).  The document was prepared by the National Center for Environmental Assessment within EPA’s Office of Research and Development.

This draft report presents a series of case studies describing the approaches currently being taken by four water utilities to assess their vulnerability to future climate change.  The report is intended to illustrate the types of analyses, models, and climate change information being developed and used by selected utilities that are leaders in climate adaptation to understand and respond to climate risk.

The public comment period and the external peer-review workshop, which will be scheduled at a later date and announced in the Federal Register, are separate processes that provide opportunities for all interested parties to comment on the document. EPA intends to forward the public comments that are submitted in accordance with this notice to the external peer-review panel prior to the meeting for their consideration. When finalizing the draft document, EPA intends to consider any public comments that EPA receives in accordance with this notice.

EPA is releasing this draft document solely for the purpose of predissemination peer review under applicable information quality guidelines. This document has not been formally disseminated by EPA. It does not represent and should not be construed to represent any Agency policy or determination.

The draft document and EPA’s peer review charge are available via the Internet on the NCEA home page under the Recent Additions and the Data and Publications menus at

DATES: The 45-day public comment period begins August 23, 2010, and ends October 7, 2010.   Technical comments should be in writing and must be received by EPA by October 7, 2010.


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