New Executive Order 13549 Updates Classified Information Sharing Protocols

The August 24 DHS Open Source News Report contains the following article from Homeland Security Today:

Obama orders uniform access to classified info.  The White House this week ordered the Secretary of Homeland Security to issue guidance for the uniform handling of classified information shared by the federal government to state and local governments.  In an executive order delivered August 18, the President tasked DHS with producing those procedures within 180 days after consulting with other top agencies, and the director of national intelligence.  Once established, the DHS security secretary will continue to serve as executive agent for the classified information program, the order said.  The order applies to state, local, tribal, and private sector entities that receive federal classified information.  Those entities must handle that information under procedures stipulated in a number of executive orders dating back to 1993.  The rules to be issued by DHS will ensure uniformity in following those orders.  Designated individuals in state, local, tribal, and private sector entities may receive classified information under the order once they are determined eligibly by a sponsoring federal agency, the order noted.  Applicants must demonstrate a need for access to top secret, special access, or sensitive compartmented information.  Clearances granted to all individuals representing such entities will receive reciprocity from other federal agencies, the order said.  The organizations must properly protect any classified information they receive. Source:

 The new Executive Order 13549 may be viewed and/or downloaded at:


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