VSAT and WHEAT Tool Webinar

EPA’s Water Security Division will be holding a demo of both the WHEAT and VSAT tools on Thursday, August 26th from 2:00-3:00pm (eastern).  State drinking water programs are encouraged to participate and to invite their utilities to attend as well.

Join the meeting by clicking on: https://www124.livemeeting.com/cc/scientech/join?id=7M2P2T&role=attend

Then dial:  1-877-841-9268 and enter 291166 as the PIN

 If you have any problems connecting, just follow these steps:

1.  Copy and paste this address into your web browser: 

2.  Copy and paste the required information:

      +  Meeting ID: 7M2P2T

      +  Location:  https://www124.livemeeting.com/cc/scientech/

Looking for more information about these tools?  EPA Region 3 has provided the following explanations that you may find helpful:

Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool (VSAT) is a traditional risk analysis tool for water and wastewater utilities.  The VSAT software was developed to support water and wastewater utility vulnerability assessments using a qualitative risk assessment methodology.  VSAT provides a structured, cost-effective approach for utilities to assess their vulnerabilities and to establish a risk-based approach to taking desired actions.  The software allows utilities to assess the vulnerability of the complete range of utility assets including People (utility staff), Physical Plant, Knowledge Base, Information Technology Platform, and Customers.

Water Health and Economic Analysis Tool (WHEAT) is a generalized (threat neutral) consequence analysis tool to assist in quantifying human health and economic consequences for a variety of asset-threat combinations that pose a significant risk to the water sector.  WHEAT is designed to be used by utility owners and operators to supplement their expert opinion in risk assessment methodologies by providing a more detailed consequence analysis.


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