EPA Offers Train-the-Trainer on new TTX Tool

Last month, EPA published an updated tabletop exercise tool for the water sector (See September 24 ASDWA Security Notes article).  The Tabletop Exercise Tool for Water Systems: Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Climate Resiliency (TTX Tool) contains fifteen scenarios that reflect an all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness and response, and introduce users to the potential impacts of climate change on the water sector.

 To help the sector to learn how to use the TTX Tool, EPA is sponsoring free “Train-the-Trainer” workshops in several locations around the country.  These workshops provide training on how to use the tool, create exercise materials, and facilitate an exercise.

 The first in this free workshop series are scheduled for November 9, 2010 – two half-day workshops are being offered in Chicago, at US EPA offices at 77 W. Jackson Boulevard.

Please visit www.horsleywitten.com/ttxtool to register for a Train-the-Trainer workshop.  If you have any questions about the new TTX Tool or the training, please contact Tom Noble at tnoble@horsleywitten.com or 508-833-6600.


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