New VSAT and WHEAT Tools Available for Download

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to announce that the upgraded version of VSAT, an all-hazards drinking water and wastewater utility risk assessment tool, and the newly developed consequence analysis tool – Water Health and Economic Analysis Tool (WHEAT)are available, free of charge, for download: 

VSAT is available at:

WHEAT is available at:

 VSAT and WHEAT provide drinking water, wastewater, and combined utilities of all sizes with the capability to assess, plan for, and respond to man-made threats and natural disasters – better ensuring the provision of clean, safe water and the economic vitality of the Water Sector.  The tools were developed in collaboration with EPA’s partners in the Water Sector, and include enhancements based on robust risk and consequence analysis methodologies.

VSAT and WHEAT are intuitive desktop tools that are compatible – consequence results from WHEAT can be used in VSAT to better refine the overall risk assessment.  WHEAT can also be used as a stand alone tool to determine quantitative public health and economic consequences.  The outputs of these tools will assist Water Sector utility owners and operators in setting priorities for building more secure and resilient water infrastructure and making more informed resource allocation decisions for business continuity planning.

 For more information on either tool, please contact John DeGour of EPA at


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