EPA Posts Evanston Water Emergency Roundtable Discussion Summary

EPA’s Water Security Division has posted the Report Summary from the 2009 Evanston, IL Water Emergency Roundtable Discussion.  The Report highlights the elements and results of a one day, indepth discussion among the City of Evanston, IL water utility, their critical customers, and first responders as to mutual water needs and expectations during a prolonged water outage.

ASDWA is in the process of creating a scaled down, step-by-step guide based on the Evanston model that states could use to work with smaller drinking water utilities to hold similar discussions in their own communities.

Using the Evanston model, such discussions should result in better understanding of needs and resources among critical community water users such as hospitals, schools, industry, and retail vendors.

The Evanston Report is available on the EPA WSD webpage at:  http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/watersecurity/features.cfm.  Once there, scroll down to Feature 8 and look for the “new” tag in the resources section.


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