December is Critical Infrastructure Protection Month

TO:  Government Coordinating Council and Sector Coordinating Council Members

FROM: Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection Todd Keil 

SUBJECT:  Presidential Proclamation on Critical Infrastructure Protection Month

 Dear Critical Infrastructure Security Partner:

 I am proud to announce that President Obama has proclaimed December 2010 “Critical Infrastructure Protection Month.” The attached proclamation demonstrates the President’s commitment to what you do each day to help keep the country safe.

 During the next month, I encourage you to share this proclamation with other partners and to make it a part of your remarks, meetings, and publications. It should be noted that, not only does President Obama and his administration care deeply about our shared mission, but also that the proclamation supports the direction IP is taking to strengthen resilience through a regionally focused approach to critical infrastructure security. As the President suggests, this approach will help build more resilient communities throughout the United States.

 You will also see that President Obama is committed to the types of information-sharing efforts you have been instrumental in helping to create and maintain. This sharing of information helps owners and operators of critical infrastructure have the information they need to make risk-informed decisions as they confront the evolving threat environment.

 IP will also be integrating the proclamation’s messages on resilience, vigilance, and information sharing into upcoming events and communications. Be sure to follow updates about CIP Month by:

 Tracking new Web postings by registering for updates on;

Watching for upcoming critical infrastructure blog posts on The Blog at Homeland Security (; and

Following us on Twitter @DHSJournal.

 Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication. Together, we are making a difference.


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