DHS Issues Classified Info Reminder

If you or your staff subscribe to HSIN (Homeland Security Information Network), then please be advised of the cautions outlined below in response to the recent Wiki Leaks.


 FROM:                                    Donna Roy, OCIO/Information Sharing

SUBJECT:                              Classified Information Security Reminder

DATE:                                     December 7, 2010

In light of recent material that has been published by WikiLeaks and other media sources, it is important to remind all HSIN users that merely because purported classified information appears in the public domain does not mean that the information has been declassified by proper authority. 

HSIN users need to be aware that the Department of Homeland Security takes reports of the deliberate and unauthorized disclosure of classified material very seriously.   Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information (December 29, 2009), Section 1.1.(c), states “Classified Information shall not be declassified automatically as a result of any unauthorized disclosure of identical or similar information.”

HSIN contractors and users must not knowingly access, download or attempt to download, from any unclassified system, any information from a public web-site that is believed to be classified, nor should they comment or confirm the degree of sensitivity of such information, or, discuss the content in a potentially classified document with persons who would not otherwise be authorized access.  This guidance extends to the Department’s unclassified computer network, including HSIN.  

HSIN users are reminded that if any classified material that has not been declassified by proper authority is uploaded in HSIN, it is considered a security incident as serious as any other and will be treated as such.

All media inquiries should be forwarded to the Office of Public Affairs at 202-282-8010.  For all other questions, please send your query to administrativesecurity@dhs.gov.


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