Water Emergency Roundtable – Outline for Discussion

ASDWA’s Drinking Water Security Committee, U.S. EPA Region 5’s Water Security Advisor, and the Evanston, Illinois Water Utility have partnered to create an outline for a “Water Emergency Roundtable Discussion.”  This Roundtable Discussion Outline is based on an event hosted by the Evanston Water Utility with facilitated support from EPA Region 5 in September 2009.  The Discussion Outline re-scales the original Roundtable toward the needs of smaller water systems; creates a step-by-step process to host a similar discussion; and provides templates, models, and scripts to support the various aspects of conducting and managing a successful Roundtable Discussion.

This is a low cost approach, which can be helpful in enhancing collaborative partnerships among state drinking water programs, water utility organizations, and the communities that they both support.  It also goes a long way toward helping those communities better engage with their own emergency and utility service providers to create an effective and efficient foundation for community resiliency. We hope that utilities, communities, and states will find it useful.

Download your copy here:  Water Emergency Roundtable – Outline for Discussion


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