WaterISAC Offers Rewarding Challenge to Subscribers

The WaterISAC is introducing a new, interactive exercise to test your skills at accessing information in the secure library when circumstances require it.  Each month, subscribers will be presented with a brief threat scenario that concludes with some questions.  Subscribers must identify where the answers may be found on the WaterISAC portal.  Earn a USB thumb drive by accurately identifying resources for at least five scenarios during the year.

Not yet a subscriber?  Interested state programs can request a free one-year subscription to evaluate how the WaterISAC can meet their needs.  To learn more about this option, either dial 1-866-H2O-ISAC or click on www.waterisac.org.

For existing subscribers, here’s the first scenario. Give it a shot!  Scenario: Possible Ricin Contamination

A local news station has received a letter that states, “I poisoned the water supply with hundreds of gallons of ricin.  Thousands will die.”  The station manager has agreed to hold the story until a press conference in two hours.  Now the mayor, city manager or county executive is calling.  He/she asks you:

¨       How much ricin is necessary to affect public health?

¨       Are certain sub-populations particularly susceptible to ricin?

¨       Can ricin be removed from drinking water?

¨       Is there credible information that ricin has been used in attacks, and if so, have those attacks involved the water supply?

Using only the WaterISAC portal and its embedded resources like contaminant databases, identify at least one source of information to answer each question.  Reply to:  analyst@waterisac.org. You don’t have to provide the actual answers – the web page addresses for each answer are sufficient.

Prove your skills at finding answers on the WaterISAC portal.  Earn a USB flash drive.



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