Cool Tools for Water Security

ASDWA’s Drinking Water Security Committee has determined that one of its tasks for 2011 will be to “Promote the training and use of various electronic tools.”  As a first step toward meeting that challenge, the Committee offers the following links for use and reference by all in the water community:

VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT TOOLS: As the title implies, the tools below provide steps for drinking water utilities to take to complete a vulnerability self assessment.  Generally, the SEMS tool is most useful for smaller systems; RAM-W is helpful for very large systems; and VSAT can be used by any system size or type.

NRWA Security & Emergency Mgt System (SEMS)

Water Research Foundation Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM-W)

Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool (VSAT)


EMERGENCY PLANNING & RESPONSE TOOLS: An array of tools from EPA, FEMA, and RCAP to help water utilities plan, prepare, train, and recover from emergencies or natural disasters.

Security and Emergency Response Planning Toolbox


*Water Security Tech Tools

*This link connects to several EPA-developed tools and databases such as the Water Health & Emergency Analysis Tool (WHEAT), the Water Contaminant Information Tool (WCIT), the Tabletop Exercise Tool for Water Systems:  Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Climate Resiliency, and the Security Products Guide as well as other helpful information.



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