The Great Central US ShakeOut is Coming

2011 is the first year of The Great Central US ShakeOut, a drill designed to educate the public about how to protect themselves during a large earthquake, and how to get prepared.  It will be the largest earthquake drill to ever take place in the Central US.  This effort is modeled on the Great Southern California ShakeOut that has been an annual event since 2008.

The Great Central US ShakeOut, sponsored by the Central US Earthquake Consortium (a group of Federal Agencies including FEMA, USGS, and, is scheduled for April 28, 2011and includes participants from AL, AR, IL, KY, MS, MO, and TN.  Other participating states include GA, OK, and SC.  Indiana is hosting its own ShakeOut on April 19.  This website contains lots of helpful and useful information about the event including practice drills, available resources for schools and businesses, and press release models.  A ShakeOut FAQ can be downloaded from  You are all encouraged to register for this event to learn more about coordinated response efforts in times of disaster and crisis that can be useful in your own state.  In fact, Oregon just completed its ShakeOut in January and California, Nevada, and Guam are gearing up for their next ShakeOut in October.

The Great Central US Shakeout is also a useful practice opportunity in anticipation of the upcoming New Madrid Zone Earthquake Functional Exercise known as NLE 11 (May 16-20, 2011).  This full scale functional exercise is designed to prepare and coordinate a multiple-jurisdictional integrated response to a national catastrophic event – specifically a major earthquake in the central United States region of the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ).  Participants will conduct simultaneous, related exercise activities at command posts, emergency operation centers and other locations in the Washington D.C. area and the eight affected central U.S. states (Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee).




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