DHS to Host ICBRNE Webinar

On Tuesday, March 22, DHS is hosting a webinar from 1-4PM eastern time.  The purpose is to show real time chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear,  and explosive data integrated and shared among local, state, federal, commercial, and NatLab stakeholders.  Please share this invitation with your peer agencies and those in the first responder community.

Real-time, remote and distributable sensor data readings for integrated chemical, biological, nuclear and explosive agents (ICBRNE) is a capability that US Department of Homeland Security recognized as a vital capability for the First Responder and Emergency Management communities. Thus the ICBRNE program was established.

The on-going tragic events in Japan provide a clear emphasis of the importance of these capabilities. In the Los Angeles region, the ICBRNE program has proved the viability and practical deployability of these capabilities. They are doing it now. Join us to learn about it and how your community can implement your own ICBRNE program.

Your Hosts

The Department of Homeland Security’s, Science & Technology Directorate, along with the California State national guard, the Los Angeles County Sheriff and Fire departments plus the Los Angeles City, Fire, Police and Emergency Management communities.


This informational webcast is aimed at a broad range of professionals including emergency managers and responders from local/state/federal governments, public health and health care professionals, the CBRNE community, policy and decision makers, military personnel, and private sector representatives including critical infrastructure holders.

You will learn about how the program has fostered the pushing and pulling of real-time integrated CBRNE sensor data into common operating pictures to enhance the safety of the public as well as the First Responder community.

Understand the complexities and challenges that have already been overcome as well as the ones that are as yet not met.


Access will require sign-in registration on the day of the event


Or Direct via This Link

The Homeland Security ConferenceOn.TV Network



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