Cyber Digest Available

CIKR Monthly Open Source Cyber Digest (OSCD)

For those of you with a particular interest in cyber-security information, the Monthly Open Source Cyber Digest (OSCD) is for you!

The Monthly Open Source Cyber Digest (prepared by DHS)  is a tailored summary of domestic and international cyber events with specific relevance to the operations of the Critical Sectors community. The OSCD is primarily a compilation and reorganization of reporting drawn from the Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report (OSIR). The OSCD may also contain additional unclassified reporting found using open source research methodologies and may include imagery; local, national, and international media reports; academia and industry sources; multimedia and blogs; and other relevant, publicly available sources. The OSCD does not provide analysis or projection; the content found within the OSCD is strictly for situational awareness.

This report is posted regularly to the Homeland Security Information Network Critical Sectors portal.  If you would like to become a HSIN-CS member, please contact:

In addition, don’t forget to check the US CERT cyber RSS feed that appears at the lower right on this page.  This links directly to Federal cyber information resources for headlines and hot topics.


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