DHS Announces Workplace Security Awareness Training Course

The Department of Homeland Security announces the availability of IS-906, Workplace Security Awareness, a no-cost training course developed by the Office of Infrastructure Protection Sector-Specific Agency Executive Management Office.  You can access this training on the FEMA Emergency Management Institute web site at http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS/IS906.asp.

The online training provides guidance on how to improve security in the workplace.  The course is self-paced and takes about an hour to complete.  This comprehensive cross-sector training is appropriate for a broad audience regardless of knowledge and skill level.  The course promotes workplace security practices applicable across all 18 critical infrastructure sectors.  The training uses innovative multimedia scenarios and modules to illustrate potential security threats such as:

*¨ Access & Security Control

*¨ Criminal & Suspicious Activities

*¨ Workplace Violence

*¨ Cyber Threats

The course also features interactive knowledge reviews, employee tools, and additional resources.  Upon completion of Workplace Security Awareness, employees will be able to:

+  Identify potential risks to workplace security

+  Describe measures for improving workplace security

+  Determine the actions to take in response to a security situation

A certificate is given to participants who complete the entire course.


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