New Emergency Resource Focuses on Partnerships

 AWWA Streamlines published the following release on June 10.  The document described offers an excellent approach to understanding what types of alternate water supply options could or should be considered before an emergency occurs.  Please read below for details and a link to the document:

“A new report on establishing critical collaboration and partnerships among various levels of government for emergency water supply has been released by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Planning for an Emergency Drinking Water Supply is the result of a joint effort between AWWA and USEPA’s National Homeland Security Research Center, with support from CDM.

The report offers a resource to review the roles and responsibilities among various levels of government and essential planning steps. Because all government entities and others responsible for emergency water supplies should coordinate roles, as well as identify approaches and estimate resources, preplanning leads to more effective and efficient operations under emergency conditions.

The report is not a guidance document on how to comply [with] any law. Instead, it covers the technical details of this planning and presents key findings to improve the nation’s responsiveness when the need for an emergency water supply emerges. “


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