Iowa Continues Excellent Response Communication

For those of you who have been following the flooding situation in Iowa and how the state drinking water security coordinator has been working collaboratively with other agencies (federal, state and local), here’s another example of clear, concise communication that helps all affected parties understand the situation and what their respective next steps should be.

Thanks to Mike Anderson, Iowa DNR Drinking Water Security Coordinator for keeping us in his loop!

From: Sievers, Julie [DNR]

Sent: July 07, 2011 07:15 AM
To: DNR FO3_Everyone; DNR Emergency_Response; Lynch, Barbara [DNR]
Subject: Woodbury County EOC Briefing Summary – July 6

Here is a summary of the briefing held on July 6:

The river level has stabilized but any rain event could change that.  Don’t get complacent and continue to be vigilant.

The contractor has completed raising of the well road.  On-going work is needed on the dike around well #6.  This is one of the wells where inmates have been used.  Additional work will be done on Thursday, July 7.  The water supply continues to function normally.

Wastewater flows were up with the rain events and have dropped slightly since.  They are still much higher than expected.  The City and contractor continue to look for cross connections on the Floyd channel.  There were high flows into the Perry Creek lift station on July 4 that necessitated bypassing.  They have identified an 18” cross connection with Perry Creek and a diver will be in plug it on Thursday, July 7.  The contractor believes that they have isolated an area where there may be two additional cross connections and they continue to work to identify the specific locations.

The county has received the 200,000 cfs maps.  The Corps is still saying they don’t believe they will ever increase flows to that level but the maps have been provided to the counties in case of a large rain event forces those levels of releases.

It was reported that AGP is back in production.

The industries at Port Neal are asking through the county about the procedure for leaving the flood protection dikes in place.  I have provided the county with the information from the floodplains section about the procedure for that.

There is nothing no to report from Sgt. Bluff, Salix, Sloan, or Hornick.  All are watching the groundwater levels and dealing with issues relating to the increasing levels.  Several gravel roads in the county have been closed and caution is urged for anyone traveling on gravel roads as the surface may look dry but underneath they are not and you can become stuck rapidly.

The 185th will stand down their levee patrol after their last shift on Friday.  The request was for two weeks of patrol and Friday completes that two weeks.  The levees appear stable and City staff will take over these duties.

New aerial photographs were taken last Thursday, June 30.  I will put them onto the shared drive later today.

I also met with Gary Brown and Jim Clark about their request for having an EPA OSC visit Woodbury County per the request from DNR ER and Homeland Security.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.




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