AWWA Offers Free Emergency Planning Webinar

On Wednesday, August 31, AWWA is hosting a no cost, on hour webinar on The Latest on Emergency Water Supply Planning.  This webcast will present an overview of two recently released guides:

Planning for an Emergency Drinking Water Supply is the joint effort between AWWA and USEPA’s National Homeland Security Research Center, with support from the CDM.  The report offers a resource to review the roles and responsibilities among various levels of government and essential planning steps.  All government entities and others responsible for emergency water supplies should coordinate roles, identify approaches, and estimate resources.  Preplanning these responsibilities leads to more effective and efficient operations under emergency conditions.  The report covers the technical details of this planning and presents key findings to improve the nation’s responsiveness when the need for an emergency water supply emerges.

A separate joint effort between AWWA and CDC, with support from AH Environmental Consultants, Inc., resulted in the Emergency Water Supply Planning for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities guide. This guide is targeted more toward the health care sector but utilities will benefit from using this guide as a means to improve relationships with their own local health care community.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key elements that facilitate planning for emergency water supply at the community level.
  • Critical issues and challenges that determine successful and effective response.
  • Recommendations for improving the efficiency of current response efforts at the local, state, and federal level.


  • Alan Roberson, Director of Federal Relations, American Water Works Association, Washington, DC
  • Kevin Morley. Security & Preparedness Program Manager, American Water Works Association, Washington, DC

How to Register

You must register in advance not later than 3PM (eastern) on Tuesday, August 30.  This is a two-part registration process.

STEP 1:  If you are an AWWA member, go to Order with AWWA and follow the directions.  If you are not an AWWA member, you will need to create a one-time user name and password specifically for this event.  Go to Order with AWWA and click on the “Log In” button that appears in the upper right hand portion of the page.  This opens up and a link to “Register” appears under the username and password boxes.  Once you fill out the information, you can complete the order.  If you have technical difficulties, contact AWWA Customer Service at 1-800-926-7337.

STEP 2:  Click on GoToWebinar Registration and complete the requested information.  You will then be sent confirmation information on how to connect to the webinar on August 31.

Remember:  you must complete BOTH steps to be successfully registered!

For more details on the web event and to view an outline of the proposed agenda, please go to:



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