Check Out the DHS Blog Feed

ASDWA has just added a new RSS feed to this page.  Look in the lower right section for the most recent “blog posts” from DHS.  Although the information is not nearly as formal as most of their web communications, the DHS blog does contain useful, timely, and helpful information for us all.

Check out some of the more recent posts.  They range from discussions about protecting your personal info on Cyber Monday (and every day) to TSA holiday travel tips (including some turkey-related facts such as they’d rather ride the gravy train than the gravy boat – erk!) and more serious suggestions about what to do when an earthquake strikes…as it did most recently in Oklahoma.

Take a look at this new RSS feed…and scroll through some of the other feeds as well…just because it’s not at the very top of the page doesn’t mean that it isn’t important or helpful!


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