FEMA Offers New Course in Public-Private Partnerships

FEMA has just announced the release of a free, web-based training course that will help continue to build and strengthen public-private partnerships in emergency management – FEMA IS-660: Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships.  The training is available through the Emergency Management Institute’s (EMI) Independent Study Program (ISP).

The target audience includes emergency management and community planners, senior-level personnel from response agencies, representatives from private-sector organizations, and federal, state, local, tribal and territorial government agencies that may participate in collaborative continuity planning efforts.

This new two hour training will:

  •  Provide learners with an overview of the importance of public-private partnerships to emergency preparedness, response, and planning;
  • Highlight best practices on identifying roles, and establishing and sustaining public-private partnerships; and
  • Introduce and review standards-based business continuity planning like the Private Sector-Preparedness program.

More information on EMI ISP courses is available at  http://training.fema.gov/IS.


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