DHS-FEMA Wants Your Input by January 20

As stakeholders in homeland security and emergency management, the Department of Homeland Security, through FEMA, is asking for your thoughts and input on the proposed 2012 National Preparedness Report (NPR).

The NPR, as specified in Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness, is an annual requirement which tracks the progress toward achieving the National Preparedness Goal, and will help inform the President’s budget for preparedness efforts. Development of the report requires close coordination with all executive branch department and agencies that have a role in national preparedness efforts and consultation with state, local, tribal and territorial governments, as well as the private and nonprofit sectors and the general public.

To facilitate whole community input to the NPR, DHS-FEMA is launching an ongoing dialogue on its “Ideascale” system. FEMA is asking for input as they develop the report and meet the milestones required by the policy directive. Comments for the NPR should be submitted by January 20, 2012. To provide input, visit fema.ideascale.com and click on the Presidential Policy Directive 8, National Preparedness Report to share and vote on ideas.



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