FEMA Invites Input and Comment

FEMA is seeking your input on four working drafts of the National Planning Frameworks, and the Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plan, which are part of Presidential Policy Directive 8/PPD-8: National Preparedness. PPD-8 is a policy directive that asks federal agencies to work with the whole community—including all levels of government, individuals and communities, businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations—to work together to improve national preparedness.  We are currently focusing on revising the National Response Framework and developing the Prevention, Protection and Mitigation Frameworks.  As each of these products is made final, federal interagency operational plans will be developed to provide guidance across the federal government to successfully implement the Frameworks.
The final National Disaster Recovery Framework was released in September 2011, and reflects input gathered through extensive outreach with more than 600 stakeholders representing federal, state, local and tribal governments, as well as public and private organizations.   Since the release, forums have been held across the country to support development of the initial draft of the Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plan.

Until April 2, 2012, stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide additional input to the drafts of these Frameworks and the initial draft of the Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plan.  Please visit www.fema.gov/ppd8 to view the working drafts of these documents and submit your input using the accompanying matrix.

Other opportunities to engage in the development of the frameworks through webinars, in-person workshops and through an online collaboration tool at www.fema.ideascale.com can be found at found at www.fema.gov/ppd8.


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