New Hampshire Plans for Cyber Security

The New Hampshire Drinking Water Program is once again in the forefront of good security practices and support for their water systems. As you may recall, last year, they held a workshop to determine how to plan for, respond to, and recover from a radiological incident. This year, they are looking at cyber security.

Acknowledging the escalation of cyber attacks and the potential for SCADA systems to be compromised, this workshop will investigate cyber resiliency – looking at awareness, tools, and available resources – for both drinking water and wastewater utilities. As an additional incentive to participate, continuing education credits are being offered for New Hampshire water and wastewater operators.

A link to New Hampshire’s brochure describing the June event is attached for your reference. ASDWA encourages you to consider whether your state could host or partner with one of your water organizations to put on a similar event. Finding ways to help water systems understand and enhance their cyber security status is one of the more challenging aspects of state support for water security efforts.

Cyber Security Workshop Flyer 2012


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