EPA Publishes Helpful Coordination Document

EPA’s Water Security Division has just posted a new document on the benefits of coordination between the Water Sector and Emergency Services Sector at the local level.  Titled Coordination of the Water and Emergency Services Sectors: An Important Step to Better Response, the document describes the relationship between the two sectors; how that relationship is mutually beneficial; and offers examples on how local coordination between water utilities and local emergency management agencies can be improved. The document contains a useful checklist of suggested actions for utilities to improve their coordination with local emergency management agencies.  Simple suggestions like attending or planning tabletop exercises together, sharing and coordinating response plans, and getting to know each other in advance of an emergency can result in significant improvements in communication and coordination. The final page of the document can be given to a local emergency management agency by the utility and includes a space for utilities to provide their contact information and information on why the water sector is important to emergency management agencies, and how water services support emergency management agencies during a response. The document can be accessed at http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/watersecurity/emerplan/upload/epa817k12001.pdf.  If you have questions about this document, please contact John Whitler at whitler.john@epa.gov.



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