National Environmental Laboratory Professionals Week April 23–27

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) wants to say “thanks!” to all of the environmental laboratories “…for the work you do every day to protect people from environmental threats!  You are an important part of the public health system.”  APHL has proposed establishing a National Environmental Laboratory Professionals Week on April 23-27 to promote the training and professional development of environmental laboratorians.  This, not coincidentally, is the same week that celebrates the efforts of National Medical Laboratory Professionals.

APHL has developed supplemental materials for environmental laboratorians to use to celebrate that week.  Suggested activities range from participating in training webinars and undertaking “green” activities to holding contests (lab poetry?) or inviting special guest speakers to talk about a regional environmental project or topic.  Click the link for a more detailed list of activities POTENTIAL ACTIVITIES

State drinking water programs are encouraged to share these materials and participate, as appropriate…and show support for their state labs.  As an extra incentive, APHL is offering “prize packs” that can be distributred to staff for the first ten laboratories expressing interest in holding celebration events.  Send your “interest” to Megan Latshaw at APHL


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