TXWARN Tabletop Exercise

ASDWA receives lots of information on a variety of topics.  One of our “reliable sources” are our colleagues at SmallWaterSupply.org – a nonprofit group housed and maintained at the Illinois State Water Survey at the University of Illinois.  Their goal is to serve as a resource to help meet the needs of small drinking water and wastewater systems.  Among their many services is an electronic newsletter that features a “video of the week.”

This week’s video highlights a tabletop emergency response planning exercise held last summer that was cosponsored by EPA, and the Texas Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network, better known as TXWARN and hosted by Texas Section AWWA.  This is a four part video series that works through real world capabilities, challenges, and responses to a water-based emergency.  It is an excellent model of how utilities can and should work together during an emergency; the value and benefits of WARN participation; the ways that utilities and their communities can work collaboratively with the Local Emergency Planning Committees and the proper protocols to engage state primacy and emergency management agency resources.

Please set aside some time and watch these videos…I am convinced that you will learn something new and useful!

Tabletop Exercise Teleconference Video.

PART 1                                                    PART 2
PART 3                                                    PART 4

Separately, thanks to our friends at SmallWaterSupply.org for sharing these materials…and to TXWARN for producing such an excellent share-able training video.

Finally, to learn more about SmallWaterSupply.org, go to www.smallwatersupply.org.  To learn more about TXWARN, please go to http://www.txwarn.org/





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