WaterISAC: Anticipating the Public’s Questions During a Water Emergency

The WaterISAC is hosting a free web event titled “Anticipating the Public’s Questions During a Water Emergency.”

DATE:              July 18

TIME:               2:00-3:00PM (eastern)

REGISTER:      www.waterisac.org/events

COST:              FREE

The webcast will cover the results of interviews with the public and drinking water professionals about the information the public would want in the case of an intentional municipal water supply contamination.

The research was conducted by US EPA’s National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) and published in May in the report Need to Know: Anticipating the Public’s Questions during a Water Emergency.  Speakers will be NHSRC’s Scott Minamyer, Environmental Scientist, and Cynthia Yund, PhD., Environmental Health Scientist.

You can download the referenced report from either the WaterISAC secure portal page at www.waterisac.org (login required) or the US EPA NHSRC site at www.epa.gov/nhsrc.


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