FEMA Publishes Updated Ops Manual for Preliminary Damage Assessments

On July 25, FEMA published an updated and revised version of its 2005 Preliminary Damage Assessment for Individual Assistance Operations Manual.  The Manual outlines procedures that are used to identify the impact, type, and extent of disaster damages and to determine the impact on individuals and communities while also identifying the resources needed for community recovery.  The Manual is intended to set the standard for defining and recording levels of damage, as well as to establish uniformity in the composition of teams and the means by which data is collected.  This data is used by the state to determine whether Federal support is required.  As FEMA notes, “Establishing a single set of [preliminary damage assessment] procedures ensures that regardless of the location, type of disaster, or FEMA regional office involved, the assessment of damages will be consistent, thorough, and well coordinated.”

You may download a copy of the new manual at either http://www.regulations.gov or on the FEMA website at http://www.fema.gov.


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