WLA Posts New Lab Resources Fact Sheet

During a contamination event at a drinking water or wastewater system, it may be necessary to analyze a surge of water samples to identify the contaminant and to support remediation.  Long-term monitoring of the water system to confirm no reoccurrence of contaminants may require further analysis of water samples.  Locating laboratory resources with the appropriate analytical capabilities is an important step in any decontamination process.  Do you know where water systems can go for appropriate laboratory support for these situations?

EPA’s Water Lab Alliance (WLA) has prepared a fact sheet to answer these questions and point you (and your water utilities) in the right direction.  The fact sheet includes helpful weblinks, information about the array of available laboratory networks established to meet all types of water needs, and a decision tree that describes the process of identifying and utilizing laboratory resources during the different stages of response to a water contamination event as well as decision points, contacts, and resources.

For more information and to view the fact sheet, click on Laboratory Resources for the Water Sector to Support Decontamination Activities.


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