DHS Offers New Business Continuity Tools Suite

The Department of Homeland Security, through Ready.gov, has created a suite of tools to help any business – including water systems – create and manage a business continuity plan (BCP).  You can view and download the tools suite – complete with introductory video clips –  by going to http://www.ready.gov/business-continuity-planning-suite .

The introductory video is very well done and should clearly capture the attention of a water system or community in need of a well designed or updated BCP.  The software is designed to meet the needs of any business wishing to create, improve, or update its business continuity plan.  The Suite is scaleable for organizations of any size and consists of a training segment about the value of a BCP; an automated BCP and disaster recovery plan generator; and a self-directed exercise to test and implement a BCP.

Please take some time to review these materials and consider sharing them with your colleagues who may benefit from this information.



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