EPA Water Security Division Shares Highlights

In late December, the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water posted information about new additions to their web page.  One, Water Security & Resiliency Highlights, should be of great interest to all state security coordinators.  It contains information not only about programs and activities that support the Agency’s security mission – to sustain protection for public health and the environment; recognize and reduce risk; maintain a resilient infrastructure; and increase communication, outreach and public confidence – it also identifies publications and tools that can be very helpful.

Read about tools such as the Water Contaminant Information Tool (WCIT) – a comprehensive database that contains information for 102 chemical, biological, and radiological contaminants of concert; FedFUNDS – a web based tool that can provide tailored information, tips, and examples on how utilities can apply for Federal disaster funding support; and the All Hazards Consequence Management Planning document the includes customizable checklists for preparedness, response, and recovery actions.  For more information about these and other water security projects, visit www.epa.gov/watersecurity.


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