APHL Environmental Health Survey Results and Briefing Paper

APHL, the Association of Public Health Laboratories, is proud to announce the release of our latest Issue Brief related to the capacities and capabilities of environmental laboratories.  “Protecting the Public’s Health: Environmental Laboratories” highlights the results from the survey we fielded during the Summer and Fall of 2012. The brief also contains a link to the aggregated data from the full survey that addressed a wide range of issues including capabilities, funding, accreditation, collaboration, and others.

Editor’s Note:  The Brief begins with a description of a train derailment leading to a vinyl chloride spill, moves through a landfill fire, and continues with explanations of public health and environmental laboratory roles in assessing the effects of mining operations on newborns.  This is a good read!


Please contact Michael Heintz at APHL michael.heintz@aphl.org should you have questions or want to discuss a portion of the Brief in more detail.


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