Environmental Activists Promote Destroying Surveillance Cameras

[Editor’s Note:  The article below is reprinted with permission from the March 21 edition of the WaterISAC Pro Weekly newsletter.]

Earth First!, an environmental activist movement founded in 1979, is using its website to promote a nationwide contest to identify and destroy surveillance cameras. The winner will be determined by the greatest level of destruction in dollar amounts.

According to their website, participants should “study the terrain of your home city, town or nearby industrial or shopping complex, create a series of well thought out plans, gather your materials, mask up, avoid working with those you don’t have a strong relationship with, smash and disable surveillance cameras.”

Although Earth First! claims to have no formal membership and is not affiliated with the Occupy or Anonymous movements directly, the proliferation of social media has enabled a broader call to action in defense of social justice causes by previously unconnected individuals and groups.

Locations that have experienced higher levels of environmental activism or violence should evaluate the potential threat posed by this contest and the actions of other ideologically similar groups. In addition, areas where new development is taking place, such as the controversial Key Stone Pipeline, or that may otherwise be considered environmentally sensitive may be at greater risk.


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