National Preparedness Frameworks Updates

On May 8, FEMA issued the following Stakeholder Advisory to discuss progress under Presidential Policy Directive 8:  National Preparedness.

SUBJECT:               PPD-8 Frameworks Rollout Advisory
DISTRIBUTION:      Intended for widest distribution to critical infrastructure partners

Sent on behalf of the FEMA PPD-8 Program Executive Office

Today, the Federal Government and its partners released three of the five National Planning Frameworks directed in Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness. These National Planning Frameworks document the roles and responsibilities of the whole community in all facets of national preparedness and illustrate how we work together to support one another before, during, and after an emergency. The benefit of this unified effort is  a more informed, shared understanding of risks, needs, and capabilities across the whole community; and, in the end, a more secure and resilient nation.

There is one Framework for each of the five mission areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery. The National Disaster Recovery Framework was the first to be released (September 2011), and the National Protection Framework is currently under development to ensure it aligns with emerging national protection policy. The National Response Framework is based on the 2008 version.

You can download the National Planning Frameworks and view the tutorial at

In recognition of the need to adopt an all-of-Nation approach to preparedness, and in the spirit of open government, we gathered ideas from the whole community and shared drafts to get specific feedback during the development of the Frameworks. We received more than 5,000 comments from individuals and communities, including people with access and functional needs; businesses and nonprofits; and all levels of government. As a result, the Frameworks offer practical, real-life examples of things people are doing to keep our Nation safe and resilient.

The whole community is encouraged to read each Framework to see how it applies to them.
Each Framework:

  • Summarizes the roles and responsibilities of each part of the whole community
  • Defines each mission area’s core capabilities, along with examples of critical tasks
  • Defines coordinating structures-either new or existing-that enable the whole community to work   together to deliver the core capabilities
  • Describes the relationships to the other mission areas
  • Identifies relevant information to help with operational planning
  • Provides information that all levels of government can use to revise their operational plans
  • Uses concepts from existing preparedness efforts, such as the National Incident Management System

As we continue to implement the National Preparedness System, we encourage you to check our online collaboration forum at and our Website at  for additional opportunities to provide input.

Thank you for your input and continued support. Together, we can make the Nation more resilient and secure.


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