The Integrated Task Force Collaboration Community on IdeaScale is Live!

Securing critical infrastructure against growing and evolving cyber threats requires a layered approach. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) actively collaborates with public and private sector partners every day to prevent, respond to, and coordinate mitigation efforts against attempted disruptions and adverse impacts to the nation’s critical cyber and communications networks and infrastructure, as well as a range of additional hazards, including terrorism and natural disasters.

DHS recently launched a critical component for effective implementation of the recent Executive Order on Cybersecurity and the Presidential Policy Directive on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience – The Integrated Task Force Collaboration Community on IdeaScale.  IdeaScale is a platform for posting and sharing public comments and feedback.  Right now, the dialogue centers on discussions about the needs of Public/Private Partnership information sharing.  However, other discussion topics are also available.

To join the IdeaScale discussion, go to  You will need to register to join the community.  Alternatively, you are welcome to submit your comments and thoughts via email at

To learn more about both the latest Executive Order on Cybersecurity and Presidential Policy Directive 21 go to




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