Montana Makes RAIN

RAIN = Recognize + Avoid + Isolate + Notify.

After several vandalism events, Montana created this RAIN outreach product for water utilities and responders.  To make it even more useful in the field, the state put it into a smaller bi-fold format and had it laminated.

Montana’s Drinking Water Security program is offering to share this information with other states.  As their state security and emergency preparedness coordinator, Dusti Lowndes, suggests, “All another state would need to do is change the area code on inside left panel and the phone numbers and contacts on the inside right panel.”

As the RAIN brochure says, “Use RAIN to prevent exposure, protect public health, respond and recover from possible and credible criminal incidents at both drinking water and wastewater facilities. Because incidents will vary, use RAIN as a standard response to minimize the risk to public health and to promote collaboration with local, state and federal agencies for an effective and immediate site evaluation and response.”

Outside Panels: RAIN_MTPocket%20Guide_2013_outside%20panels

Inside Panels : RAIN_MTPocket%20Guide_2013_inside%20panels

If you would like a customizable version of the RAIN brochure, please contact Dusti Lowndes at


2 Responses to Montana Makes RAIN

  1. The link in the announcement appears to be one link but it is really two separate links next to each other for both the inside and outside panels of the brochure.

    • Bridget O'Grady says:

      Hey Dusti –

      On my version, the two links are on two different lines…and one says “inside” and the other “outside” as part of the link. Not sure why you’re seeing something different.