New Sea Level Rise Calculator and Planning Tool

The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), NOAA, USACE, and FEMA are pleased to announce the release of a sea level rise planning tool – which includes interactive sea level rise (SLR) maps and a SLR calculator.  This tool provides information on future risk of coastal flooding in parts of New York and New Jersey impacted by Sandy.

Using the best available science and data, Federal agencies have jointly developed this tool to help state and local officials, community planners, and infrastructure managers understand possible future flood risks from sea level rise and use that information in planning decisions. The tool does not tell communities or individuals how to rebuild. But it can help inform decisions on how to balance the cost of rebuilding stronger and safer based on the amount of risk a community can tolerate over the long term.  The tool can be found through this USGCRP website:

The website also contains additional information on the data behind the tool and Frequently Asked Questions about how and why communities might use it.  For questions related to this release, please feel free to contact:  Candy Walters, USACE, 202-528-4285; Dan Watson, FEMA, 202-646-3272; Ciaran Clayton, NOAA, 202-482-6090.


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