FEMA Suspicious Activity Resource Guide

About a year ago, FEMA worked with the International Association of Chiefs of Police to develop and publish recommendations on how communities can become better engaged in awareness and reporting of suspicious activities.  The result of their efforts is A Resource Guide to Improve Your Community’s Awareness and Reporting Activity for Law Enforcement and Community Partners.  The Guide explains how to “…effectively develop and disseminate messages in order to help the public better understand their role in reporting suspicious activity…[it also] helps law enforcement agencies and community partners to understand, navigate, and use the many resources available to help build and sustain local efforts.”

Among the strategies designed to develop and maintain community-based education and awareness are those that describe ways to engage the community in planning and promoting local campaigns, techniques for informing the public about the indicators of terrorism planning, and simple and accessible methods to promote suspicious activity reporting.

You may view the Guide here:  FEMA Suspicious Activity Resource Guide – 2012



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