For WaterISAC Pro Members…

The WaterISAC and EMA, Inc are cohosting a webcast to explore the challenges facing SCADA/PCS system owners and operators. Emerging technologies are changing the physical configuration of computers and networks and increasing pressure to reduce capital and operating costs associated with networks are forcing the use of shared infrastructure.

Each of these changes can have significant impact on the reliability and security of SCADA/PCS systems and networks. Topics for discussion will include:

  •     Traditional SCADA/PCS computer and network architectures.
  •     SCDA/PCS cyber security requirements
  •     Change management
  •     Operational support
  •     Criticality
  •     Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  •     Equipment operating conditions
  •     Software compatibility and the impact of emerging technologies
  •     Quantifying SCADA/PCS requirements for shared infrastructure.

DATE:  August 13, 2013

TIME:   2:00PM (eastern)

REGISTER:  Please click here.

Participation is limited to WaterISAC Pro members only.



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