Creating an Information Security Program – Multi-State ISAC Webcast

Our colleagues at WaterISAC have allowed us to reprint this article from their weekly newsletter: 

On August 8, 2013 the Multi-State ISAC will host the next event in its National Webcast Initiative Series. Chris Coleman, President of Lookingglass Cyber Solutions will present.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve and threat actors become more and more sophisticated, the need for a robust information security program has never been more important. However, since not all organizations are created equal and risk exposure varies, considerations based on organizational size, global presence, exposure, and maturity are in play. This webinar will focus on the overall objectives, considerations, requirements, and capabilities necessary to implement an effective and scalable information security program.

The webcast will address the importance of the programs overall milestones, goals, and measurable outcomes, especially as it pertains to building out reporting and communication strategies involving upper management. This session will also bring perspective on varying approaches to include the pros and cons that both early-stage and advanced programs should consider. Every information security program has a base set of capabilities, processes, and procedures for detection, remediation, reaction, and response, but it is important to understand how, when, and with what to best leveraged those capabilities. Organizational maturity plays a significant role in determining the overall ability for a program to advance its overall capability requirements and acquisition and implementation plans for an information security program. This session will explore these interesting and unique facets that are often overlooked.

To register for the webcast, scheduled for 2 PM Eastern Time on August 8, click here.


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