No Cost Webinar: Post-Disaster Power Restoration in the Water Sector

When storms and other natural disasters knock out electricity, power companies deploy crews and resources to restore service as quickly as possible. Who and what determines when your water or wastewater system’s power is restored? Where does your treatment plant rank among the power company’s other high priority customers?  To help find the answers, our colleagues at the WaterISAC have invited all interested parties to register for their upcoming webcast on Post-Disaster Power Restoration in the Water Sector.  You do not have to be a WaterISAC Pro subscriber to register.

DATE:  October 2

TIME:  2:00-3:15PM (eastern)

REGISTER:  Register now.

(If you are not a WaterISAC Pro Member but would like to attend, please enter POWER in the box marked Special Code on the registration page.)

WaterISAC is hosting this event in in partnership with the Electricity Sector-ISAC. Speakers from the ES-ISAC, North American Electric Reliability Corporation, and the Emergency Preparedness & System Storm Center for Dominion Virginia Power will discuss how power companies and county emergency operations centers determine priorities for restoring services to water sector facilities and other customers. Speakers will also discuss the process and challenges involved in repairing damaged power company assets and share relevant past experiences.


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