EPA Makes ICS-Based Wallet ID Card Templates Available

EPA’s water security website has recently posted templates for different water utility positions that mirror selected ICS positions.  The cards were developed for water/wastewater utility staff that may fill ICS positions for their organization during an incident or event.  The information on the wallet cards is relevant for the water sector, while staying consistent with the core ICS principles used by emergency response partners. When working with the templates, water utilities have to option to change the roles and responsibilities to fit their utility’s ICS organization as defined in their individual Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

Templates are included for the following positions:

  • Command Staff
    • Incident Commander
    • Public Information Officer
    • Safety Officer
    • Liaison Officer
  • General Staff
    • Operations Section Chief
    • Planning Section Chief
    • Logistics Section Chief
    • Finance and Administration Section Chief

Click this link ICSWalletCards_epa817b14005  to learn more about this helpful resource.




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