EPA recently released a new video that highlights the importance of developing a security culture at drinking water and wastewater utilities. The video describes how Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department implemented some of the Key Features of An Active and Effective Protective Program and how the utility benefited from its enhanced security.   Some of the novel security practices described in the video are developing a security scorecard program and hiring a law enforcement official.  The video is available at: http://youtu.be/X7Mg6-BwZEI .

Want to know more about the Key Features?  You can read about them at  http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/watersecurity/features/index.cfm


One Response to EPA Releases New Video: SECURE YOUR UTILITY

  1. Cheers for Pima County! We “started” working on security culture in Atlanta’s Dept of Watershed Mgt in 2003-4 and it is definitely not something you do once. Have to keep working at it to get consistent results.