SAFETY Act Webinar – VSAT 6.0 Wins Designation

The DHS Science and Technology Directorate is conducting a SAFETY (Support Antiterrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies) Act webinar titled “Streamlined Processing for SAFETY Act Applications.” The webinar will focus on established streamlined procedures for providing SAFETY Act coverage such as Block Designations and Pre-Qualification Designation Notices.

This is significant because the latest updates to water utility vulnerability self assessment tool (VSAT 6.0) has just been released and given a SAFETY Act designation.  Per that designation, “Entities using VSAT 6.0 to conduct risk assessments of water, wastewater or combined utilities may apply for SAFETY Act protections, which can limit liability for claims resulting from an act of terrorism.”

DATE:  Thursday, September 25

TIME:   2:00-3:00PM (eastern)

Click this link 140904 VSAT Promotionsl Sheet for more information on the new updates and features for VSAT 6.0.


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