Water Security Division Posts New Products

Our colleagues at EPA’s Water Security Division have been busy of late!  They have just posted two new products and links for ICS training that may be of interest to you.  Click the bulleted description (not the title) to view the materials in more detail.

Water Security: Incident Action Checklists

There are 10 checklists appropriate for:  drought, earthquake, extreme cold & winter storms, extreme heat, flooding, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, volcanic activity, and fire.

Water Security Initiative: Public Health Surveillance (PHS) Assessment document

This document helps water utility personnel walk through an interview with public health personnel responsible for monitoring available public health data such as epidemiologists at the local, city or county health department and toxicologists at the Poison Control Center (PCC) for the utility’s service area.

Water Security: Incident Command System (ICS) Training

EPA offers first time and refresher training for four courses:  Introduction to ICS; Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents; National Incident Management System; and National Response Framework.  These are self-paced video reviews of presentations made during earlier trainings.


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