Small City Takes On Big Cyber Challenge

The City of Fort Morgan is the county seat for Morgan County, Colorado.  It has a population of nearly 11,500, a median household income of $33,128, and about 13% of the population earns below the poverty line.  Denver is about 80 miles away.  The area is known primarily for its agricultural enterprises.  And yet, this relatively small community has stepped up and taken the cyber challenge to become more protective of its citizens, its infrastructure, and its resources.

DHS’s Cyber News Spotlight reports that Fort Morgan is planning to install a new security system to protect infrastructure control systems from cyber attacks. Referencing a January 23rd Morgan Times news report, “The article explains how attacks on automated control systems at water treatment and power facilities could threaten public health and cripple local economies. These upgrades represent the growing awareness of cities about how malicious actors have targeted and will likely continue to target utilities and unprotected supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.”

Read more about this proactive, forward looking community’s cyber initiatives at:


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