Help Small Communities Understand What They Face Without Water Service

Sometimes, it pays to go back and look at what’s already been done – often, it still has relevance!

Several years ago, ASDWA’s Security Committee worked with EPA Region 5 to create a simple discussion guide for smaller communities to use when considering what to do if their water service is disrupted.  The Guide explains how to have such a discussion:  who to invite, what types of questions to ask, what types of impacts a lack of service can cause, whether formal presentations or just shirtsleeves discussions are right for a particular group, and whether this discussion could be the first in an ongoing dialog between the water system and its key customers.

The Water Emergency Roundtable – Outline for Discussion is a low cost approach and allows anyone – the water system, an assistance provider, the state primacy agency – to help facilitate the Roundtable Discussion.  Such a discussion could go a long way toward helping smaller communities better engage with their own emergency and utility service providers to create an effective and efficient foundation for community resiliency.

For more information, click the link above or go to the Security tab on the ASDWA website at



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